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Weight Loss Camp Northumberland

We are like no other gym in town. You can be anyone you want to be. Be any shape or size, we don’t care. If you are serious about working hard and having a laugh, we are happy to accommodate. There are no disapproving stares, rolled eyeballs, tutts, sighs or spandex round our place!

Is this programme for me?

We are completely and utterly unique, not a step-and-repeat clone, just pure, unadulterated serious fun.

Our spacious gym hosts an impressive mix of the industry’s leading fitness equipment including cardiovascular and resistance machines as well as an excellent selection of free weights and larger-than-life personal trainers.


  • Exclusive booking in system which allows flexibility to your workout and promises an outstanding service with a cap on gym users. Let’s face it, no one likes going into a gym and not being able to get on the machine you want to.
  • A gym that thinks outside the box with a wide range of equipment for functional training including ski-ergs, assault bikes, plus all the traditional free-standing and machine based equipment.
  • A cafe on site to unwind in before or after a session. Come and grab a protein shake, a coffee or a sweet treat – you deserve it 😉
  • Private facebook group with daily workout routines to challenge your body to the maximum.
  • Full range of changing and shower facilities available for use.
  • A fun friendly atmosphere where no egos are left at the front door!

If you would like more information on this programme please email info@projectufitness.co.uk or call 01670 352316.

What are you waiting for?

“Project U is incredible! Such a friendly, energetic & fun atmosphere! Motivation & inspiration oozes from the heart of the gym. I personally was worried when I joined that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises and people might be wondering why the hell I was there but not once have I felt judged or scrutinised, only encouraged and being pushed to my limits in the best way! The feeling you get when walking out the gym is unbelievable, such a natural high! Not sure if it’s the workout or the laughter that gives you it but my god it’s worth it. We truly are one team & one family. Anyone who has doubts will soon lose them the minute you walk through the door and are greeted by genuinely the nicest people you will meet.”

Great place. Great atmosphere.
Great trainers encourage you every step of the way. Whatever you are there for, to lose weight or just get fit everyone is so friendly and encouraging it just like one happy family. Best decision I have made!

“I just love Project:U Fitness because the atmosphere is always upbeat and full of happy vibes from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave. Even after I’ve left a training session I’m still buzzing as I go home and tell my son about all the exercises I’ve done. Another reason why I would recommend Project:U Fitness are the staff and trainers. Each and everyone take the time to say hi and have a chat and I just love it when we see the trainers joining in with a session. My only advice is go along to the studio and have a look for yourself, I did and now I’m loving every minute of it.”


Want to achieve your goals by having fun, eating healthy food and meeting great people? 

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